Dec, 8 2013

"Essence of blackness
Silence of night
Stillness embodied
Fall into flight..."

Ahh, winter is here! Here in Oregon, where I'm nestled away in the coastrange, I am reminded how much I love this season ~ the opportunity to slow down, catch up on projects, and listen to the silence... Of course I am working on my album, but I am also taking time to savor the simple pleasures ~ chopping wood in the precious light of day, watching the light on the trees change in sun and rain and snow, sharing smiles and stories with dear neighbors, harvesting what I can from the winter garden, and stoking a grand fire in the woodstove to keep me cozy for long nights of work in the studio. The land here inspires me ~ the epic stature of her many trees, the ever-surprising wildlife (I saw a heron and an osprey fly right overheard within 2 minutes of each other this afternoon!), the moon rising over cascading ridgelines, the rich saturation of a deep-woods sky, the endless song of the creek running by... And yes, even the occasional sunset at the ocean nearby! In all my years of desert and high-mountain dwelling, I nearly forgot that this is one of my homes; the rich, fecund soil of the Oregon wilds. And as winter wraps me in her precious quietude, I am grateful for this restful and inspiring time to catch up with my soul and do some hard work on my album. I feel truly blessed, and simply wanted to share a vignette of my life in the wildlands of my rustic retreat...

And please, for fun photos of my coast-range (and coastal!) adventures, follow me on facebook or instagram ~ I have been loving sharing snapshots of this new-to-me beautiful land... Ahh, and wherever you are, may you be enjoying the sweetness of the season (whether winter or summer!), and the beauties around you. If my art may inspire one thing, may it be a reminder to connect with the land, to find our place of harmony amidst the grandeur of nature. And if I had a second gift to give, may it be that you fear not the inner wilds, that my music may inspire the deep journey of truly knowing oneself. And that is one of the most precious gifts these winter seasons can bring ~ the time and stillness to look within, to find our own inner riches...

With love, Ariana

"For hidden inside
Beyond the blood and the flame
Enter the gate
And step into space..."

(all lyrics in this article from the song "Raven")

Sept, 5 2013

Easing into autumn, I feel the pull of the earth saying, "rest, feel my pulse as you let yourself fall to me, abiding in the slowing, inward-turning of fall...." It has been an immense summer, and even more immense have been the past four years of touring. I have been going so strong for so long, and now it is time to weave a cocoon for a spell, finish my album, and listen to the simple sounds of the earth as I re-tune my instrument and vision what is next... Many possibilities lie ahead, and I'm hoping to step into some new directions when I'm done with this winter's creative and spiritual hermitage. But for now it is simply the time ~ like the bears ~ for dark winter's dreaming, a time to regenerate, to tend to my travel-worn body, to be with the gentle pace of nature...

"And the stars fall to the earth
And dance in the fire of our rebirth.
And the songs, and the love we share
Is the redemption of man, clearing the air..."

July 15, 2013

It's true, I am currently nomadic again, wandering the earth and listening to the wind... And I'm excited to have concerts scheduled for Oregon, Idaho, and Colorado ~ some of the most beautiful places on earth! Ahh, reconnecting with the wilds of the earth and my soul along the way... And in addition to my musical offerings, I will be sharing a new workshop on this tour: "The Moving Soul" is a day of Authentic Movement exploration, soul inquiry, and vocal play. Please, check my "tour" page for details, sign up for the email list for up-to-the-minute announcements (see right >>), and join us for one of these beautiful occasions...

May 30, 2013

Hi loves! I just wanted to drop a personal line and welcome you to my website, as well as let you know what's going on in my world...

So this year I'm a little more off the radar than I have been ~ playing more locally (Southern California I love you!) as I carve out my place in my new home of Ojai. I did play a mini Southwest tour in April, and plan another mini-tour to Colorado in August. In my "down-time" I'm working on my album (see below!), which I hope to have complete by the end of year (fingers crossed). After 3 years of hard-core touring, it's nice to take a little break to revitalize my creative energies, to take time to listen to the wind, the birds, and the whispers within. Those of you familiar with my music know that my inspiration comes primarily from the earth and from the rich inner realms. Sometimes we need to simply be with the stillness, the unknown, to empty out and fill again...

Currently I sit surrounded by mountains. Two hawks circle overheard, with a flock of crows teasing them, riding the same currents as these majestic birds. Mulberries and oranges fall from the trees and the evening air is fragrant with jasmine. I feel truly blessed to be making my new home in SoCal, and thank you all for your love and support and enjoyment of my music.

Please, feel free to drop me a line and let me know if you'd like me to play your town, or if you have fond memories of my last visit there (I love hearing how my music touched you!). And enjoy your jaunt around my website, where you can enjoy my music, watch a few videos, and find out where I'll be next... Hope to see you out there soon!

Love, Ariana

Nov 16, 2012

Ariana's IndieGoGo Campaign was a raging success, thanks to all of you! "With a deep bow of gratitude and awe I am back in the studio, completing work on my album... Recently I was in LA for two weeks, working with my dear friend - world-songstress Tina Malia - on refining the recordings from last winter. We tightened and arranged all the foundational tracks (drums, percussion, oud, guitar, and scratch vocals) and recorded BASS!! It sounds like a full album now! Next I'll be working with various artists to add the grace-notes and extra touches such as strings, additional lutes and percussion, and guest harmonies... And I'm gearing up to record final vocals this spring!

"And in case you missed it, we're still offering the perks available through the original IndieGoGo campaign! Below is the fun little promo video we put together for the fundraiser, and you can still help support the completion of this project by jumping in as a sponsor! Just visit the sponsorship page we've created to read more about the project and learn how... Though the campaign was a tremendous success, we're still aiming for the full personal goal of $12,000, which means we still have a few thousand to go...

"And most of all, THANK YOU for your undying affection, encouragement and support! You rock my world!!"

"Ariana not only has one of the most achingly beautiful voices you have ever heard, but she writes incredible songs as well. Her songs go to depths and heights not often visited by songwriters today. Mystical, sensual, inspiring, and real; she is not afraid of the darkness, but, just as important, she is not afraid of the light." -- T.D.H., Boulder, CO

Oct 8, 2012

"I'm back in the studio on a leap of faith, finally editing and mixing the tracks we recorded last December in Colorado! I'm working with my dear friend: none other than world-soul's own Tina Malia, and am determined to get the album finished by next spring (for an autumn/winter 2013 release). Please visit my IndieGoGo Page to learn how YOU can be a part of the process! I can't wait to let you in on it..."

Shadowdances / Raven ~ Earth Honey, Oakland, CA
June 30th, 2012

A dreamy one... Segues into the rhythmic bliss of Raven...

New Videos
May 25, 2012

We've posted a new page, where you can view all of Ariana's youtube videos in one place...

New Video ~ Desert Blooms, from Albuquerque, Sept 2011
Feb 17, 2012

Southwest Mini-Tour, Jan/Feb 2012
Jan 25, 2012

Ariana is on a mini-tour of the Southwest for the end of January and Early February ~ with concerts in Colorado Springs CO, Santa Fe & Albuquerque NM, and Sedona & Tucson AZ.

New Video ~ La Rosa Enflorece, from Dazzle Jazz Club...
Dec 7, 2011

An Invocation to Winter...
Dec 3, 2011

Lyrics to one of Ariana's favorite songs, "Into the Void" - a reminder of the rich vastness of the inner worlds. Remember, this is a good time of year to dream, to wander in the fertile void, the birthplace of all creation...

     When the lady's dance is done
     And the last song is sung
     In a time when mists abide
     Inner space where dreams collide

     Into the void I travel
     Into the shadows I fall
     Into the silent thunder
     Into nothing, and all...

     I'm falling, I'm falling, the blackness is calling...
     Shadows wrap around, Silence is a mighty sound...

Fall Tour, 2011
Sept 5, 2011

Ariana's Fall Tour -- Sept 8 through Nov 12th -- traverses the Southwest (Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona), California (San Diego, LA, Ojai, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Berkeley, Sebastopol...), Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and back through Colorado in November...

"Come out and fill my heart with your love before I go into the recording studio for the winter!"

Album Review
July 1, 2011

By Guy Errickson for Colorado Music Buzz
Smoldering, a "Slow Burn" traverses through smoky vocals and breathtaking music influenced by Middle Eastern, Celtic, and Classical Indian music. This is the diaphanous veil wherein Ariana Saraha (Tribal Electra, Angels of Alchemy, performing vocals, darbuka, cajon, & guitar) escorts the listener on her new album, Live at Immersive Studios. Joined in the serene endeavor by the incomparable multi-instrumentalist and singer Beth Quist (Cirque du Soleil, Bobby McFerrin, Sherefe, BOQ Trio) performing on guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, keys and harmony vocals; Scott 'Seva' Bears (Khamsa Khala) playing stellar oud; David Alderdice (Feast, Deva Dancing, Sticky Mulligan) storming on drums and percussion; and Meagan Chandler providing guest vocals for "Shadowdances." Dancing at concerts ranges from meditative to ecstatic, swaying through yoga poses or furious twirling; guided reverie ". . . all the way home." Aural art at it's finest; she elegantly projects an aura of peace, joy, and well-being. Ariana's voice wafts heavenly, brilliant and subtle, power calm with poignant ethereal clarity.

CD Release
April 29th, 2011

We are excited to announce that Ariana's new CD, "Live at Immersive Studios," is officially available online and live at concerts!

Recorded at Boulder's impeccable Immersive Studios for a live audience in one take, this album conveys the passion of Ariana's gypsy heart, along with stellar musicianship by several of her favorite collaborators: Scott 'Seva' Bears on oud, David Alderdice on drums and percussion, Beth Quist on vocals, hammered dulcimer, 12-string guitar and keyboards, and gorgeous guest vocals by Meagan Chandler.

The album was multi-tracked on the fly, and then meticulously mixed and mastered by Jesse Manno and Tierro Lee over a 6 month period following.

We invite you to dive in and re-live this beautiful moment in time...

Click here for ordering, audio samples, lyrics, and the full liner notes...

"This is a fine recording of a wonderful event. The music took me to a peaceful place in my heart. Reminding me of the most wild and rugged places I have been in nature." TIERRO, producer/composer/musician